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EMEA speakers (14th of September 2022)

Mara Lucini (Italy) 🇮🇹

EMEA Talent Acquisition Director at HP

Christina Meister (Germany) 🇩🇪

Employer Branding Strategist at Zalando

Nerida Rooney (UK) 🇬🇧

Head of Employer Brand and Strategic Resourcing at Kier Group

Shani Berkovich (Israel) 🇮🇱

Sr. Employee Engagement Manager at Microsoft

Łukasz Trzeszczkowski (Poland) 🇵🇱

CEE Employer Branding Hub Leader at PwC

Monica Suffal (USA) 🇺🇸

Head of Employer Branding and Candidate Experience at Hilti Group

Sabrina Labarile (UAE) 🇦🇪

Global Mobility Leader at GE

Maria Dinu (Romania) 🇷🇴

Group Employer Branding Manager at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottle Company

Marlene Katern (Germany) 🇩🇪

Employer Branding Partner EMEA at Baxter

Sibongile Bobo Mngxali (South Africa) 🇿🇦

Head of HR at Roche Diagnostics

Noa Ferber (UK) 🇬🇧

Global Recruitment Marketing at PayPal

Modiara Kamps (UK) 🇬🇧

Head of Employer Branding EMESA at Boston Consulting Group

Luca Fornasari (Italy) 🇮🇹

Creative Digital & Social Media Employer Brand Specialist for Europe at Nestle

Mattia Murnigotti (Italy) 🇮🇹

HR – Marketing Consultant

Dumitrita Ghenciu (Romania) 🇷🇴

Employer Branding Strategist at Bosch Romania

Eda Çalışkan (Israel) 🇮🇱

Head of Organization and Talent Development- HR4HR, Middle East, Turkey & Africa at GE

Marwa Aly (UAE) 🇦🇪

Head of People and Culture at Scrips

Vladimir Damnjanovic (Serbia) 🇷🇸

Head of HR at Continental

Snezhana Lella (Hungary) 🇭🇺

Employer Branding Specialist at PwC

Amira Amr (UAE) 🇦🇪

Talent Acquisition and Management Partner at Schneider Electric

Agnieszka Sokołowska (Poland) 🇵🇱

Internal Communication, EB and ICSR Director at Biedronka

Alex Brown (Netherlands) 🇳🇱

Global Recruitment Marketing Manager at

Tomer Koren (Israel) 🇮🇱

Performance Marketing Manager at Rapyd

Nathalie Plavonil (UK) 🇬🇧

Global Employer Brand Manager at TUI

Adriana Jeske (Poland) 🇵🇱

Junior EB Manager at Biedronka

Simon Buehler (Germany) 🇩🇪

Global Employer Branding at DHL

Ruth Faulkner (UK) 🇬🇧

Head of Content at Tonic Agency

Barbara Zych (Poland) 🇵🇱

CEO & Founder of EBnavi, Employer Branding Institute

AMERICAS speakers (5th of October 2022)

APAC speakers (15th of November 2022)

There were masterclasses in 12 HOT TOPICS led by experts worldwide!

  • When it comes to finding a new career, people believe their peers more than CEOs. In this masterclass, we will help you turn your employees into true brand ambassadors. You’ll discover new ways to create social media content that converts candidates into hires and position your brand as a great place to work.
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

We will unpack the meaning of creativity, a big idea and the insight. We will teach how to discover insights and use them in communication with employees, how to outshout the competition and draw the attention of your audience. We will teach how to use creative techniques and will practice their application to HR areas in real time. Also, we will show a lot of cases and try to inspire the participants to creative solutions.120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

  • Crafting stories is incredibly important. Learn how to develop the right storytelling strategy, understand your target audience and create compelling content. Take away helpful tips and techniques to create your own employer brand stories.
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&

Creativity and storytelling is the magic in your employer brand. It’s how you build strong connections, make people feel positive towards you, and creates a sense of loyalty in your candidates and your colleagues. In this masterclass we’ll look at employer brand in the whole brand structure. The techniques for storytelling, the bonds of loyalty and how to use creativity through every point of employee experience.120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

Are your efforts to build a strong employer brand paying off? In this masterclass, you will learn about actionable KPIs to measure the employer brand health, and to keep an eye on the factors that can improve (or undermine) the effectiveness of your employer branding.120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

  • Learn how to measure your employer brand and how to build a KPI dashboard. It will enable you to make informed decisions about your strategy and help you better communicate the value to your team or management.
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

  • Learn how to discover employees and candidates on a more personal level. Understand their potential drivers, motivations, what they wish and they have in common. Establish deeply human connection with the right talent.
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

  • How do you align your employee value propositions to your candidate experience? How do you ensure that each touchpoint leads to better conversion? In this session, learn how you can deliver authentic messages throughout the recruitment process, discover the top EVPs that resonate most with specific talent segments and drive results that impact talent attraction, engagement and retention.
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

  • Your employer brand does not live in a vacuum. It exists relative to other companies. You might think you offer innovation to prospects and candidates, but is that in comparison to the post office or Tesla?
    While understanding your competitive talent ecosystem is critical to building a strong employer brand, it is the most often skipped. In this masterclass, you’ll get hands-on experience learning how to audit your competition and how to leverage what you’ve learned to strengthen your employer brand.
    For this session, please bring two competitors you regularly compete with for your talent. We’ll run through a framework of how to evaluate a brand, you’ll watch me audit a company, and have the chance to start your own audits while asking questions to me and the rest of the room.
    We’ll conclude by considering how to use this new info to inform your employer brand strategy
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

  • Ensure that your employer brand, EVP messaging and experiences are relevant across multiple audiences is key to enabling organisations to to attract, engage and retain top talent. How can we take the EVP and embed it into the employment experience to make it relevant, engaging and authentic? How can we use the EB strategy and EVP to build the employment experience we want our people to have – from attraction and recruitment to onboarding and all the way through to exiting the organisation. Focus areas are: understanding the needs and experiences of your audiences;building a framework to deliver relevance for each audiences; developing a strategic an action plan to activate your EVP across the lifecycle.
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A
  • Setting up an EVP should be of strategic value for your company. Learn what steps and procedures to follow to create your company’s EVP. It is about defining your brand, your vision, attracting and retaining your best talent on the way to your company’s strategic business goals.
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

  • An employer brand strategy and having employees as ‘internal influencers’ transforms from a nice-to-have initiative into a must-have initiative. Learn how to turn your employees into influencers as they are one of the most trusted source of information. We will showcase how to create and leverage these organizational assets from A to Z. Our plan is to go through every step and roadblock and share as practical content as possible.
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

  • Learn how your company will benefit from a data-driven approach in employer branding and how to apply it. By using data you will make well-informed decisions, reduce your costs, attract more relevant talent to your company, manage talent expectations and will know what to do to exceed these expectations.
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

  • Global skill shortages mean that good employer branding is fast becoming a critical asset for any organisation. It’s especially important for start-ups, who don’t have the advantage of a well-established employer reputation that they can lean into to attract and retain talent. But employer branding can be expensive and time consuming. How can you get your employer brand up and running when budgets are limited and time is precious? In this session, I’ll show you how you can research & develop your own employer value proposition, then create an impactful employer brand, minimising the cost and time involved.
    The session will cover:
    Scoping your project, understanding what you can and can’t outsource
    Developing a business case and raising funds
    Creating co-project partnerships with friends and affiliates
    Conducting your own market and competitor research
    Conducting your own internal and external audience research
    Creating your unique employer value proposition
    Developing your creative identity
    Turning your employees into your employer brand evangelists
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A

  • Being an employer of choice is only the first step. In a tight talent market you need to be one of the first companies top talent would consider as a future employer, and you need to remind your current employees why your organisation is a first choice for them too.In this session, Malcolm Peak, the founding director of specialist EVP development consultancy Peak Corporate Solutions will share his experience and help you appreciate the importance of aligning the market perception, leader aspiration and employee experience of your employer brand.  He will also share the principles of developing a compelling EVP that will help your organisation become a first choice for the talent you seek to recruit and retain.Key points Malcolm will cover include:
    • Self-reflection on the power your current brand and how you have a brand whether you like it or not.
    • Breaking down assumptions – challenging the inherent bias in your organisation.
    • Embracing diversity – making it easy for candidates to see themselves working with you and for employees to see the value in staying.
    • Understand the different variables that influence your brand – market perception, leader aspiration and employee experience.
    • Building your brand and answering the question – “why should I work with your organisation?”
  • 120 min masterclass + 45 Q&A


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