Maria Markosyan

Head of Global Employer Branding at Wargaming
Maria Markosyan, Head of Global Employer Branding at Wargaming, is a visionary leader with a decade of expertise in strategic marketing and employer branding. She’s crafted impactful brands for over 100 global clients. At Wargaming, she reshuffled the approach to the employer brand, enhanced social media presence and introduced video culture. Maria’s vision extends beyond the corporate world. She is currently in the process of writing a book, aiming to share her insights and experiences. Her ultimate goal is to make people understand the power of branding and to create marketing strategies that genuinely make people feel happy and valued.Maria’s story is one of relentless passion, and a deep commitment to making a positive impact through the art of branding. She continues to inspire and lead, proving that effective branding is not just about selling products, but about creating meaningful connections and experiences.