EBstars Global Festival 2024

The biggest online conference where employers and experts share their know-how on attracting & retaining talent

October 22 - 23rd 2024

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Meet the panel hosts for EBstars Global Festival 2024

Marco Dalmejer
(Netherlands) 🇳🇱

Panel: What does the future hold for EB?

A seasoned expert in Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing, and Employee Engagement with over 15 years of experience within the field.

Ben Philips
(UK) 🇬🇧

Panel: ROI in EB

An Award-winning EVP, employer branding and talent marketing leader with experience across recruitment, and culture transformation.

Alex Her
(USA) 🇺🇸

Panel: How to win from day 1 and keep on winning

A Co-founder of The EB Space, an award-winning Brand Leader, public speaker, Recruitment Though Leader, and a Global Employer Brand Storyteller.

Barbara Zych, PhD (Poland) 🇵🇱

Panel: AI in EB

People Science evangelist, an expert in data-driven Employer Branding, Founder and CEO of Employer Branding Institute, supporting clients all over the world.

Sarang Brahme
(India) 🇮🇳

Panel: Low-budget EB

A passionate lifelong learner with over 18 years of experience, Founding Member of the Recruiting Adda community, Head of EB at ShareChat.

Here are the experts for EBstars Global Festival 2024!

Olha Marchuk (Ukraine) flag

Senior Global Employer Branding Specialist at Luxoft

Torgil Lenning (Sweden) flag

Founder ant CEO at Potentialpark

Adam Horvath (Hungary) flag

CEO at Brandfizz

Aditya Malik (US) flag

Founder & CEO at ValueMatrix.ai

Sunil Kumar (India) flag

Human Resources Analyst at Accenture

Joanna Sknadaj (Poland) flag

Senior Recruitment and Employer Branding Specialist at BGK

Josef José Kadlec (Czechia) flag

Chief Sourcing Architect & Co-founder at Goodcall

Kristen O’Neill (USA) flag

Senior Global Branding and Communications Manager at McKinsey & Company

Sandra Petschar (Netherlands) flag

Global Talent Marketing & Employer Branding Manager at Booking.com

Chris Colbert (USA) flag

Global Head of Employer Brand at Nokia

Anne Dotson (USA) flag

Head of Global Recruitment Marketing & Employer Brand at Pfizer

Amit Parmar (USA) flag

CEO at Cliquify

Javier Fernández Santín (Spain) flag

Global Employer Branding Lead at Danone

Grete Kivi (Estonia) flag

Global Employer Branding Manager at Bolt

Marcus Body (UK) flag

Solutions and Strategy at ThirtyThree

Vicki Saunders (UK) flag

Founder at The EVP Consultancy

James Ellis (USA) flag

Chief Brand Builder at Employer Brand Labs

Liu Shu (China) flag

Head of Talent Acquisition at Jaguar Land Rover China

Clementime Mogodiri  (South Africa) flag

Senior HR Consultant at Mercer Africa

Steven Liu (Canada) flag

Talent Brand at McCain Foods

Lezann Chong (Singapore) flag

Global Talent Brand and L&D Strategy Lead at Accenture

Mark Crompton (UK) flag

Global Head of Employment Marketing and Employer Branding at Airbus

Camila Ibarra Bernal (France) flag

Global People Social Media Specialist at Dassault Systèmes

Marco Dalmeijer (Netherlands) flag

Creative Employer Brand & Employee Engagement Expert

Nuria Morella (Spain) flag

Employer & Talent Brand Country Manager at Capgemini

Francesca Conti (Italy) flag

Global Employer Branding Lead at Barilla

Maria Markosyan (Cyprus) flag

Head of Global Employer Branding at Wargaming

Anna Mączka (Poland) flag

Team Manager - Employee Experience & Wellbeing at BGK

Ash Jones (UK) flag

Founder at Great Influence

Kerstin Tschernigg (Sweden) flag

Employer Branding Lead, Northern Europe at Hitachi Energy

Alison Fourlégnie (France) flag

Global Employer Branding Manager at Voodoo.io

Claire de Souza (UK) flag

Co-founder at The EB Space

Timothy Schepis (South Korea) flag

Global Director Employer Brand at Coupang

Barbara Zych, PhD (Poland) flag

Founder and CEO at EBnavi

Yana Romanova (Germany) flag

Head of Employer Brand at Semrush

Sarang Brahme (India) flag

Head of EMployer (Talent) Branding at SureChat

Sumathy Jayakodi (Sweden) flag

Global Lead for Talent Strategy & Talent Journey at Volvo Cars

Heather Leszczewicz (USA) flag

Recruitment Marketing Manager at Conagra

Adi Hendler (Israel) flag

Director of Global Employer Branding at Kaltura

Ethel Ghirmai (Sweden) flag

Global Head of Employer Branding at H&M Group

Kieran Layton (USA) flag

Field Leader, CosMc's at McDonald's

Tetyana Laduba (Ukraine) flag

Global Employer Branding Director at Ciklum

Bjorn Veenstra (Netherlands) flag

CEO and founder of CompanyMatch.me

Charles Sinclair (Sweden) flag

Founding Partner & Head of Employer Branding at Oddwork

Ben Phillips (UK) flag

Employer Branding, Talent Marketing & People Experience Expert

Alex Her (USA) flag

Head of Employer Brand

Omer Chen (Israel) flag

Global Employer Brand and Engineering Branding Expert

Jill Dorjath (Netherlands) flag

Global Employer Brand Program Lead at Philips

Lisanne Jonkman (Australia) flag

Global Manager, Employer Brand & Talent Attraction at Cargill

Maya Tsankova (Bulgaria) flag

Global Employer Branding Leader at Coca Cola HBC

Kim Wilkes (USA) flag

Head of Talent Attraction at Zapier

Laura McLaren (UK) flag

Global Employer Branding & Talent Attraction Specialist at Sonova

Riley Stefano (USA) flag

Head of Employer Brand & Talent Marketing at Celonis

Claudine Schacklock (UK) flag

Head of Employer Brand at Grab

Anna Velykoivanenko (UK) flag

Global Brand Director at DataArt

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